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Value Added Tax (VAT)

Eildon Finance can provide you with the VAT services, guidance and advice you are looking for.

Value Added Tax (“VAT”) is one of the most complex tax regimes that businesses must adhere to. With the increasing number of variations within VAT, and changes to the regulations, many businesses fall foul when paying HMRC. To ensure you don’t overpay or underpay, you can rely on us to complete your returns.

We are able to:

· Assist with VAT registration

· Advise on VAT planning and administration

· VAT control and reconciliation

· Advising on the use the most appropriate scheme

· Help completing VAT returns

VAT rules are changing constantly, and these changes add more unnecessary stress and worry for those managing VAT in a business. An undue amount of your time and resources can be taken up collecting revenue for the Government. Outsourcing your VAT management & return submissions to us will save you that time, a benefit to all business sizes, and you can be confident that the returns will be completed accurately and on time.

We recommend that clients insure against the costs of professional fees incurred during tax investigations, as these are not covered in your fixed monthly fee arrangement with us.


We can provide all potential clients with a tailor-made proposal and quotation on a fixed fee basis to cover most services and that suits your business needs.

To find out more about our services, email or call us on 0191 645 1104.

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