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Payroll & AE Pensions

Setting up and maintaining an in-house payroll service is becoming more complex and increasingly difficult to manage for many businesses.

Outsourcing your payroll and authorising an external company to manage part or all your payroll process is the answer. Outsourcing this service frees up your valuable time and business resources.

Completing your payroll is time-consuming and often diverts energy away from the core activities of your business. Outsourcing your payroll administration increases efficiency of time and resources. You can alleviate the burden of the complexities of taxation, employment legislation, and penalties for non-compliance. Eildon Finance can provide a complete and confidential service, alleviating the administrative burden.

Our confidential payroll service includes:

- Production of electronic payslips using apps on employees’ mobile phones (e.g. Xero).

- Detailed on-line reporting

- Auto-enrolment (“AE”)


We recommend that clients insure against the costs of professional fees incurred during tax investigations, as these are not covered in your fixed monthly fee arrangement with us.

We can provide all potential clients with a tailor-made proposal and quotation on a fixed fee basis to cover most services and that suits your business needs.

To find out more about our services, email or call us on 0191 645 1104.

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