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Cloud Accounting

Eildon Finance can help make your switch to the 'cloud' as smooth as possible. We will design an accounting eco-system, bringing together Xero and API-integrated products in a software suite tailored for your business. Turn the day-to-day essentials of running your business from a boring necessity into a joyful experience, whilst facilitating the production of statutory accounting, taxation and the many other demands of today's fast-changing reporting and compliance environment. And all of this in a way that promotes a daily interactive approach between us and your team that allows you to continually read the pulse of your business performance whilst being a joy to use.


Xero is an exceptional online 'cloud' accounting software solution for SMEs (Small & Medium-sized Enterprises). Eildon Finance are experts in the use of Xero. We have been a Xero partner since 2013. Whilst we support other legacy accounting systems, we encourage our business clients to use Xero.

What we offer... 

Our first call or meeting is at no cost to you, and an opportunity for each of us to get to know one another...

Additional meeting options:

Your Home 

I am always happy to meet the client at a place of their choosing, including their home if appropriate.

Video Call

Skype and Zoom calls are routine for me. Happy to set one up as an alternative to meeting.


Please suggest a location to meet if not your home or office.

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